5 Digital Trends For Your Business


2018 may be half way over, but it’s never too late to innovate and that’s why we’ve rounded up the following digital trends so you can catch up with your competitors!

5 – AI and Chatbots

It’s already been used by some companies through Facebook and other Apps to save time, money and to satisfy the consumer (why not right?). Those one-off questions that would keep an employee busy can be easily answered by one of these bots at the very moment it’s asked. Cons – It identifies a limited number of questions which can sometimes be frustrating to the user who seeks for information. Pros – you can already rent a car, buy cosmetics and many other stuff by communicating with a chatbot.


4 – Videos

According to Cisco, 82% of the internet communication will be through video and animation by 2020.  The online schools, colleges, courses, etc. are a great example of this trend and how videos and online streams can increase the amount of information learned. Don’t forget that live videos can also allow you to track audience curve, audience engagement and feedback as well.


3 – Virtual reality

How about selling houses and apartments without moving one finger or even sending a real estate agent to show the place to someone interested? According to specialists, the real estate will be the most benefited business. Different from the games industry, the amount of money needed is quite small. Even if you are not part of the real estate business you can produce virtual reality content and stay ahead of everyone (innovation is key!).


2 – Digital influence

It’s been a while since the companies started focusing on “common people” (they are usually followed by a considerable number of people on social media, blogs, etc.) to spread information, brands and lifestyle. It’s still a trend and a good marketing strategy since people are more likely to buy or choose different types of brands/products based on reviews of who they trust.


1 – Content marketing

Yes, content marketing will always be a trend and considered the fuel to the buyer’s journey. Engaging people is a process that never gets old and every marketing agency definitely needs to create new content, promote and custom it to every client’s needs.